Zhaoqing Heyi Technology Co.,Ltd ( ZQ HY TECHNOLOGY ) originated from Guangdong Instrument Factory founded in 1958.

Guangdong Instrument Factory is a key enterprise of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry to produce industrial automation instruments. It has a long history of producing industrial automation instruments. Its products are widely used in nuclear power, electronics, power, petrochemical, shipping, food and other industries.

In 1984, Guangdong instrument factory reached a cooperation agreement with Yamato Honeywell Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan to introduce the production technology of KF series pneumatic base type indicating regulator and prex-3000 series pneumatic transmitter, and realized the localization of all series of products in 1990.

Zhaoqing Nuclear Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. employs the original production technology and management backbone to continue to produce the “Guangyi” brand main series products. In 2017, it passed the iso9001:2015 quality management system certification, and its key customers include: CNNC, CGN, CLP purepower, Air product, Huaxia power, COSCO Shipping, Mobil China, etc.